Carport Building Permits and Zoning Requirements

Lots of homeowners steer clear of making home improvements that will greatly improve their home, because they are afraid of what building / zoning requirements permit them to build on their land. More than often, whatever building work you do on your home, whether it’s adding a metal carport or a storage building, you will require a building permit.

Building permits for metal carports follow the same rules, requirements and procedures as that of any other building permit. As a homeowner, whenever you do any structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical work on your property, it’s crucial to check with your town zoning or development board to see what work permits, if any, are required. A carport permit will need the same basic requirements of any permit request.

metal carport building permitsWhen looking into the zoning requirements, your first step should be to identify the zoning restrictions, this should be done as part of the planning process for your carport installation. In some areas, you must be a minimum distance from the property boundary and in other areas, if your carport is within a certain distance of your home, then your carport needs to meet certain fireproofing requirements regarding the materials used. So overall, it really is essential to know your local building codes before you put in a request for a carport permit in order to save yourself time and money.

Your second step will be to develop your building plan. A lot of carport manufacturers have permitting-ready building plans that they supply with their DIY (do it yourself) carport kits. This means all that you need to do is to draw on your site plans the new location, and fill out the applications that are required by your zoning board or planning committee. Permits can take time to come through, in some cases, up to a month or more, so send off for your permit as soon as possible.

Remember that there are fees involved in obtaining a metal carport building permit. This fee can vary, from say $25 for a permit application, up to $100 for that same application. However, those fees are a lot less than those that you would be facing if you choose to go ahead and build your carport and ignore the required permits and regulations.

If you are unsure about the permit process, or feel that it is more than you would be willing to go through, then you can use a contractor to erect your carport, as they will handle the entire process, including acquiring all of the necessary metal carport building permits. Most responsible contractors will include the permit application price as part of the overall project cost. Without having to worry about building permits and zoning requirements, you can just sit back and watch your aluminium carport take shape!

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